Chinese investors focus on Canadian real estate market!

Shanghai real estate exhibit, which aims to connect Chinese nationals with overseas investment properties, speaks to the growing interest in those types of opportunities.

The 13th edition of the “Overseas Property and Immigration and Investment Exhibition” is set for March 10-12 at the Shanghai International Convention Centre.

It is an invite-only event, which is targeted to Chinese “VIP” buyers interested in purchasing foreign real estate.

The inaugural edition of the event took place in March of 2011. The total number of potential investors was under 9,000.

The recent event took place in March of this year. VIP investors totalled a whopping 35,000!!! Wow!!!

Foreign investment in Canada’s real estate market was a hot topic.

According to the brochure of the September edition of the event, 55% of potential investor attendees are between the age of 40-50. The vast majority of attendees have an annual household income of over $600,000.

What do you think is going to happen?  Will there really be a drop in housing prices in Toronto?


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