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- Barrie condo market beginning to bounce back after taking hit from COVID

- Houses are Selling for Over Asking in Toronto at an Above-Normal Pace

- Home Sales & Prices Won’t Fully Recover Until 2022, Says CMHC

- List of 16 housing measures proposed by Ontario government

- Single-family homes in GTA average above $1 million!

- Condo shortage in Toronto exacerbated by building approval delays

- The sky is falling on the Toronto Real Estate Market ... or is it?

- Housing affordability measures coming ‘very soon,’ says Ontario premier

- Toronto area home prices soar in March, average price in GTA hits $916,567

- Price of homes sold in Greater Toronto Area soars 27.7%, Real Estate Board says

- Landlords recoup investments faster through Airbnb, study says

- Toronto home sales keep on rising

- Toronto Real Estate Board foresees another year of double digit price increases

- Insane Toronto real estate heats up surrounding markets

- What market is the best to invest in?

- No more changes to Canada housing rules for now!

- A look-ahead: Trends that could impact the industry this year

- No easing for GTA home prices!

- Ontarians are optimistic about real estate market in 2017!

- New tax rules. You MUST report your principal residence sale!

- Is Ontario really helping first-time homebuyers or it is another Liberal cash grab?

- National sales up in October despite new mortgage rules

- Vancouver slaps $10,000 a year tax on empty homes. Lie about it and it is $10,000 a day!

- Chinese investors focus on Canadian real estate market!

- New record! Toronto sales surged up to 92 per cent!

- Foreign buyers play a limited part in condo sales activity in GTA

- Toronto condo sales rose. Supply remains tight. Rents increased sharply!

- Canadian Housing Crash Fears Overblown!

- Hands off my housing bubble!

- Rogers Family Invests In $1.5-billion Mississauga Condo Project

- Tax foreign buyers in Toronto says Oliver to avoid Third World density

- Canadian homes are still cheap, at least in foreign currency: Bank of America

- Five renovations that are cheaper in the summer

- Seven smart steps every new homeowner should take

- Housing your investments in REITs

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